Panksy: about principles, workflow, goals and beliefs

Panksy is the first European multi-brand floral store operating on the basis of AI technology.
Panksy is the first European multi-brand floral store operating on the basis of AI technology. We create solutions to help people discover the best in themselves, to take care of each other; we support small businesses and self-employed women. We proclaim the importance of flowers in all spheres of our lives, and about the positive impact that flowers and plants may bring to our daily lives.
Our project is a messenger of beauty and love to the world, protesting against dull and monotonous floral art, against flowers as just a mere token of attention. Our team’s goal is to introduce the art of floristics to the world, to tell about flowers, and to help people express their sincere feelings.

Our brand’s name is a word play. In the language of flowers "pansy" means "messenger of love" and the inclusion of "K" in the name plays tribute to one of the icons of contemporary art, freedom and art-protest, the artist Banksy, and this name speaks of our principles and life views.

Our philosophy:
  • everyday life is our reality
  • beauty is a consequence of love, care and attention
  • respect for nature is respect for ourselves
  • beauty is in details
  • the future belongs to solidarity and unity based on the principles of kindness
Our team consists of 23 people. We work from seven capitals, speak five languages, and release our content in three languages. Together we have a vast experience from totally different spheres: oil industry, pharmaceuticals, education, marketing, trade, construction and programming. This experience allows us to actively develop Panksy and quickly adapt to the changing world.

Not only do we want to create bouquets, but also to talk about their importance in so many spheres of our lives, about how flowers and plants can positively affect our daily lives. That is why we are starting a floral blog. We eager to make it a core of attraction for like-minded people – people who care about themselves and perceive every moment of life.
We are happy to invite you to join our talks on the following topics:
  • How floral art and psychology are connected
  • How artificial intelligence affects flower design
  • What is the language and symbolism of flowers
  • How art and flower design have interacted through the centuries
  • What is a color theory, and why everyone should learn about it
  • Why flowers have always played such a big role in society
  • Why it is so pleasant to give flowers
  • How fashion evolves under the influence of floral trends
  • How to interweave beauty into everyday life.
How did the idea for this project come about?
Anya, the founder of Panksy, says:
"When I was still working in IT, colleagues presented me with a floral design course of 47 classes, 3 hours each. Back then, I was studying and working at the same time. No matter how tired I was, when I started to compose a bouquet I found myself as if in another world: my mind and perception worked differently. I was surprised how quickly I drifted away to another reality. Three hours of florist training refreshed me like a month-long retreat".
Anya, the founder of Panksy
Having discovered such power and energy in flowers, Anya made up her mind to launch her own project.

We are convinced that even if you do not make a bouquet yourself, but buy a ready-made one, anyway you are changing your perception of space and color. Vibrant, bright, fragrant flowers present a visual delight that takes our attention away from routine. We usually associate our bouquets with a work of art, but even a painting is not an accurate analogy. A painting is static, while the fragrance is wafting from the flowers, and a light breeze ruffles the delicate buds: the blooms breathe life and energy. Flowers gathered together is the emotion in hand, the cordial and heartwarming memories of the moments when we were gifted flowers, this is a sense of self-importance. What a great thing that you can present such emotions to your loved ones with flowers!
How does everything work at Panksy?

We don't have traditional offline flower shops. Instead, our florists bring ideas to life from anywhere they are comfortable. This makes each bouquet unique because at Panksy, we value the creative freedom of floral artists.

When you place an order for flower delivery, it instantly goes to the nearest available florist. The florist has all the tools and materials to compose a bouquet. On the assigned day and time, we send flowers to your dear person with a reliable courier.

Our florist-partners’ taste and style match Panksy’s aesthetics, and the master florist assesses every bouquet and adds the finishing touch, as we are concerned about delivering your loved ones a bouquet that will speak volumes about your love and attention without a word.

What makes us different from other marketplaces?
When choosing a bouquet, you want the entire beauty and uniqueness of your beloved to be expressed through the flowers. The Panksy team pays high attention to this wish, so we have launched an empathic service based on AI technology, helping us to understand what a person wants, thinks, feels, and to leave it behind intermediaries.
How does AI help in choosing a bouquet?
  • On the main page of our site there is an option "Identify archetype" with a five-question test.

  • On the basis of your answers we will offer you the bouquet style and color palette, which, by artificial intelligence, best reflects the temperament of the person you are going to give the bouquet to.
How do we work with archetypes?
Panksy relies on the theory of 12 archetypes created by Carl Gustav Jung and further developed by other scientists: psychoanalysts, mythologists and educators. This theory claims: each person has universal inborn mental propensities to certain behavioral programs, which he/she practices throughout their entire life. These features are expressed through character, appearance, and the way one perceives and interacts with the world. Based on these 12 archetypes, we choose the stylistic solution for the bouquet.
With Panksy, you:
  • Find like-minded people: creative people with a passion for flowers
  • Support independent floral designers and our media space
  • Help to make good, to give emotion and to spread beauty in the world
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